31 July 2014

Movies and stuff

I got some exciting news today...well, it's exciting to me.

I found out when the next Hobbit movie is coming out and I got to see a trailer for it. December 17. Yeah, yeah. I figured it was coming in December, but to finally get confirmation and an exact date just makes me squeal with geekery (yeah, I just made that up). I also read more about the up coming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some pretty exciting stuff.

Speaking of Avengers, I have been getting more and more excited for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. When they first announced the movie I wondered why they chose them. I hadn't been to big on the comic, in fact I don't think I ever gave them much attention except when they were mentioned in one of the comics I did read. I mean they have a talking raccoon. A talking RACCOON!?! How is a raccoon super heroic? Those were my thoughts anyways. So, I was never really excited about it.

But, talking raccoon aside (I have liked some of the raccoon's lines I have seen in the trailers) the closer it has gotten to the release date the more I have been interested in seeing the movie. First of all, it does have my favorite villain in it, Thanos (my second favorite is Dr. Doom). I mean, anyone that can go toe to toe with Odin the all-father is pretty cool in my book. There is also the fact that I am a geek and it is a comic book based movie and part of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so...yeah. I am excited.

I also feel pretty unexcited by the prospect of an Ant Man movie. He is one of my least favorite Marvel characters. But maybe the trailers and my own geekiness will win me over for that one too.

In other news, my writing/game project has been sort of stagnant this last week. When I started thinking about doing the Generation Demigod story line again, I also started to think about doing my multiverse again. I am not sure what it is, whether it is the sheer magnitude of the project or my belief that I can't do it, but quite often when I think about this project I get lethargic with working on it. (Is that the right way to put it?) So, hopefully I can get over this and get back to working on my project (which ever it turns out to be).

But, I have to get my daughter to soccer practice so I shall...

Write ya later.

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