31 July 2014

Movies and stuff

I got some exciting news today...well, it's exciting to me.

I found out when the next Hobbit movie is coming out and I got to see a trailer for it. December 17. Yeah, yeah. I figured it was coming in December, but to finally get confirmation and an exact date just makes me squeal with geekery (yeah, I just made that up). I also read more about the up coming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some pretty exciting stuff.

Speaking of Avengers, I have been getting more and more excited for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. When they first announced the movie I wondered why they chose them. I hadn't been to big on the comic, in fact I don't think I ever gave them much attention except when they were mentioned in one of the comics I did read. I mean they have a talking raccoon. A talking RACCOON!?! How is a raccoon super heroic? Those were my thoughts anyways. So, I was never really excited about it.

But, talking raccoon aside (I have liked some of the raccoon's lines I have seen in the trailers) the closer it has gotten to the release date the more I have been interested in seeing the movie. First of all, it does have my favorite villain in it, Thanos (my second favorite is Dr. Doom). I mean, anyone that can go toe to toe with Odin the all-father is pretty cool in my book. There is also the fact that I am a geek and it is a comic book based movie and part of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so...yeah. I am excited.

I also feel pretty unexcited by the prospect of an Ant Man movie. He is one of my least favorite Marvel characters. But maybe the trailers and my own geekiness will win me over for that one too.

In other news, my writing/game project has been sort of stagnant this last week. When I started thinking about doing the Generation Demigod story line again, I also started to think about doing my multiverse again. I am not sure what it is, whether it is the sheer magnitude of the project or my belief that I can't do it, but quite often when I think about this project I get lethargic with working on it. (Is that the right way to put it?) So, hopefully I can get over this and get back to working on my project (which ever it turns out to be).

But, I have to get my daughter to soccer practice so I shall...

Write ya later.

24 July 2014

Organizing my thoughts

Another fun filled week has gone by and it is time once again for an update on my life.

Woo Hoo!!!!!

On the game front, I did manage to work on it some this past week. I have started to flesh out more of the main quest line. I worked on a couple of new maps too.

Most of the week I did spend messing around with a new program that I thought might help me with my planning. It is called XMind. It is a mind mapping program that is suppose to help you organize your thoughts and help with brainstorming. Well, that is what the definition of mind mapping software says anyways. For me it hasn't helped too much. I have spent more time thinking about how I want the mind map to look like then I did about my project. I am not saying that the program didn't work. I seems to work good. I am talking more about the fact that mind mapping didn't seem to work for me. I have been doing just fine with jotting down notes.

That is why I am sticking with Evernote. I like this because I have it on my phone, my computer, and my tablet. I can jot down a note when I am at work and when I get home, I can pull it up on my computer and use it in my project. I also use it to make lists that I can set up either on my computer or phone and update them when I need to. But, like I said, that is what is working for me. As long as I make a note of my idea, I don't seem to have a problem remembering the connections.

I know I was suppose to do a review for Crusader Kings 2 last Friday. I didn't get the review finished yet because of the XMind thing. I hope to get on it and finish it this weekend so I can post it on next Friday. I will probably not get it done for this Friday though if I do, I will post it then and leave notice on my Google+ and Facebook accounts.

I have been thinking about starting up my Generation Demigod title again. I went to see Xmen: Days of Future Past yesterday and it got me thinking about a super hero storyline again. That always happens whenever I watch one of the super hero movies or read one of my comics. So, I may start working on that web series soon. Maybe. No promises. Not yet anyways.

Other than that, it has been a quiet week. Nothing exciting or terrifying happening (well, not to me anyways). So I will sign off for now.

Writer ya later.

16 July 2014

Games, Comics, and Reading

Welcome loyal follower to another edition of my blog. Unfortunately, I don't have much to update on this week. I didn't really spend much time working on my game or world. I did however spend quite a bit of time playing a game called Crusader Kings 2. I am not going to say much about it here cause I am writing up a review of it and will post it later (hopefully on Friday).

I did work on my test game a little. I have actually taken to calling it Shadow Hunter. I have completed a couple more maps on it and worked on a side quest some more. I am having a bit of trouble getting a part of the quest to work properly. I am not sure why it isn't working. I will have to go to the forums for RPG Maker and see what they say.

I started reading Earth 2 by DC. So far I have read only the first 4 issues and they have just been introducing the way things are on this version of Earth. The interesting thing about this series, and what got me wanting to read it, is Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman sacrifice themselves to stop an invasion from Apokolips. So far, they have introduced The Flash (he got his powers from Hermes), Hawkgirl, and Green Lantern (who isn't a universe cop but the champion of Earth). They have also introduced Grundy who is described as basically the anti-champion of Earth. When he showed up the whole world started dying. Oh, and did I mention that Green Lantern is gay in this version? That was something I wasn't expecting. It didn't upset me, just surprised me.

I also downloaded a new series today called Post-human by David Simpson. (Well, I guess it isn't too new. Just new to me.) I am planning to read the first book and post a review soon. I also signed up for an advance reading group that he is starting. He says that he wants people who have read all the books so I will need to get reading. Plus, this series is being made into a movie. So, if it is good that is something else to look forward too.

Well, I can't think of anything else to add, so I guess I will end here. I shall try my best to have more of an update next week. Until then...

Write ya later.

02 July 2014

Progress Report

So, it has been two weeks now since I started my game and I am coming along alright. I have several maps drawn up for it and part of the main story line, I am even working a secret quest line to get the strongest weapon for your character. The thing with this game is I am just doing the story on the fly. I do have an idea as to the ending, but not really any outline or plot synopsis for the story. Then again this is just a 'get to learn the engine' game. I have decided to change the name of the game too, but I am not sure what it will be called yet.

I am also working on other parts of my fantasy world. They are all currently focused around the Aegis Knights. I have started planning out the story for my first serious attempt at a game. This one is going to be very long and have a complicated storyline that will be dependent on your choices and the way you play your character. Well, that is the plan anyways. I don't plan on this one being done anytime soon. So far all I have completed with it is an overall brief plot synopsis and then I broke it down into 4 acts and did a brief plot synopsis on each act. Next I will do a more detailed act synopsis.

Next, I am starting work on the web series about the beginning of the Aegis Knights. This will be strictly online (duh, I did say it was a web series, sometimes I can be such a stereotypical blonde) (no, I am not really blonde). I also have plans to work out the history of the First Gods War. That will be strictly background material. Maybe in the form of an online book or wiki.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, or if they would like to see any posts on my world building, just let me know. You can email (knightwrtr at gmaildotcom), comment, or post to my google+ account.

Write ya later.