16 July 2014

Games, Comics, and Reading

Welcome loyal follower to another edition of my blog. Unfortunately, I don't have much to update on this week. I didn't really spend much time working on my game or world. I did however spend quite a bit of time playing a game called Crusader Kings 2. I am not going to say much about it here cause I am writing up a review of it and will post it later (hopefully on Friday).

I did work on my test game a little. I have actually taken to calling it Shadow Hunter. I have completed a couple more maps on it and worked on a side quest some more. I am having a bit of trouble getting a part of the quest to work properly. I am not sure why it isn't working. I will have to go to the forums for RPG Maker and see what they say.

I started reading Earth 2 by DC. So far I have read only the first 4 issues and they have just been introducing the way things are on this version of Earth. The interesting thing about this series, and what got me wanting to read it, is Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman sacrifice themselves to stop an invasion from Apokolips. So far, they have introduced The Flash (he got his powers from Hermes), Hawkgirl, and Green Lantern (who isn't a universe cop but the champion of Earth). They have also introduced Grundy who is described as basically the anti-champion of Earth. When he showed up the whole world started dying. Oh, and did I mention that Green Lantern is gay in this version? That was something I wasn't expecting. It didn't upset me, just surprised me.

I also downloaded a new series today called Post-human by David Simpson. (Well, I guess it isn't too new. Just new to me.) I am planning to read the first book and post a review soon. I also signed up for an advance reading group that he is starting. He says that he wants people who have read all the books so I will need to get reading. Plus, this series is being made into a movie. So, if it is good that is something else to look forward too.

Well, I can't think of anything else to add, so I guess I will end here. I shall try my best to have more of an update next week. Until then...

Write ya later.

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