30 April 2014

Starter post (again)

So, this is just a little post to, hopefully, help me get started posting again (again). I don't know what it is but I have been having trouble with a lot of things lately (well...for the last couple of years anyways). Sometimes I think I am thinking too much. Maybe putting undue pressure on myself. Something like that anyways.

Anyhoo...I do want to get back into posting which is a way to hopefully get myself back into writing. That is the real goal. I have all sorts of ideas, and plans, but I don't always take the time to sit down and work on them. I always have an excuse...Not enough time, Not feeling good, In the middle of watching TV or playing a game or some such nonsense, Bored and nothing sounds exciting. Well, I really want to get on track. Lots of plans to plan.

But, I do have a little bit of an incentive now. I finally have a follower. Yeah me! Of course, my new follower isn't really who I would have expected. Is he a family member? No. Is he a friend? Nope. (Not even sure if any friends or family actually read my blog.) He is actually someone whose blog I follow. But he is a follower none the less and I can't let my followers down. If I do they very well might raise up and try to take over my blog. Then I would be blog less. And that wouldn't be good. At least I don't think it would be.

But I do have plans (there is that p word again) to post every Wednesday. Even it is just a short post to say 'Hi'. Plus I would also like to start posting reviews of fantasy related things (art, books, games, music, etc). This would be a separate post. And then there is still the web series that I want to do (which would be a separate blog). That last one is something that I am going to try to get started before the end of May (since April is basically over as of Midnight). Probably won't be anything grand to begin with. But again, I am just trying to get myself writing. Can't write if I don't write.

There are other things I want to work on too, but I think this will be good for now. That may be part of my problem. Trying to get too much going at one time. Gets me all confused and overwhelmed. So, here is to me getting my first post this year up.

Write ya later.