10 September 2012

Re-posting of my game fan fic...

It is finally over! I have finally completed my training at the Hero's Guild. I must say that I was a little disappointed with the Guildmaster. All those years of seclusion here and when it is all over, what do I get? 'Here's some food, there's the door. Good Luck!' Bah! I guess no one will help me but me. Anyways, I am finally getting to go out and find these bandits that killed my family. I just hope they are still around so I can exact my revenge...

* * *

Baligar stood outside the Hero's Guild and looked around. How many years had gone by since he was last on this side of the door? Too many to really care about. The place hadn't changed all that much in that time. Almost directly in front of him was a particularly impressive looking stone stage. Well, at least it had been impressive looking when he last saw it all those years ago. Now it just looked old and dusty.

He had learned the purpose of the stage since coming to the Guild, maybe that is what had broke some of the wonder he had first felt when seeing it. Some of the heroes would boast about how great they were and how easily the could complete a certain job they were on. Then some of the villager that were always around would be able to bet against the hero if they didn't think he could do it. It didn't look like any hero had boasted for a while.

Off to his left sat the merchant cart with a group of villagers crowded around looking at the wares on display. Those villagers, and the few that were hovering around the gate, were nothing more than hero fans. Just hanging out in the hope that they would get to catch a glimpse of their favorite hero as he came or left, maybe even hoping to catch more than just a glimpse.

Most of them probably didn't even realize that no hero really had any need to walk out the gate, except for the new heroes like Baligar. He looked down at the tattoo on the back of his hand. This tattoo had been magically placed there by the Guild and it was suppose to allow him to teleport back to the Guild whenever he wanted to. The Guild had also set up these teleport stones in all of the cities and villages across Albion, that once he touched his tattoo to, could be used to teleport to the location. So there was really no need to use the gates at all. Unless you were a narcissist.

As Baligar looked up from his hand, he noticed a man, dressed in the typical peasant garb, running towards him. The man stopped in front and grabbed at his side while he took in deep breaths of air.

“You,” the man said between gasps. “You are a Hero, right? We need your help! They are everywhere!”

Baligar was about to dismiss the poor man but he saw desperation and fear in the guy's face, and he felt a pull, that he could not explain, to help the man. All those years of harboring hate and determination to see the men who had killed his family pay with their blood, the sole purpose for his time spent training, and here a stranger could run up and make him want to help. Maybe it was the fear and desperation he remembered feeling when he found his father lying on the ground that was causing this. Whatever it was, he knew then and there that he would do what he could to help this man.

“What is it?” Baligar placed his hand on the villager's shoulder in what he hoped was a comforting gesture. “Who is everywhere?”

“The wasps.” Baligar could feel some of the tension leave the man's body. “Giant wasps are attacking the picnic area. My friends are still there. Please help us.”

“It's okay.” Baligar gave him his best reassuring smile. “I will save your friends. Show me where they are.”

The man smiled, nodded his head, and ran back the way he had came. One glance back over his shoulder was all the reassurance the man needed that the hero was following. Baligar took the time to contemplate what was to come. Giant wasps couldn't be anymore difficult to deal with then the large beetles he had to fight during his training days. He would go and kill these bugs and gain some respect from these peasants. It wouldn't be a total waste to help them. Doing this would probably even get him recognized by others as word spread about this deed. And that would help loosen lips, making it easier to track down the people he really wanted to test his skills on.

It didn't take long to get to the picnic area, or would it have been difficult for him to find it. People were running from the place and screaming as if the devil himself was after them. All this fuss for a few flying bugs. Baligar just shook his head and laughed to himself. Maybe this would be better than he thought. The man had stopped and looked towards area, craning his neck as he tried to find his friends in the crowd. Baligar ran past him drawing his sword as he scanned the area.

There were only a couple of people left running around as wasps the size of medium chased them. There were a couple of people lying on the ground near the picnic tables. Baligar wasn't sure if they were alive or dead since he didn't see any movement coming from them. His attention was then drawn to the group of wasps that were circling overhead. The wasps also noticed Baligar and several dived towards him.

Wasting no time, Baligar charged towards the wasps, drawing the attention of the ones chasing the villagers, and began swinging his sword. The flying insects were as little threat to him as he had expected as his sword effortlessly passed through wasp after wasp. It took very little time before he had chopped all the wasps threatening him in half, leaving their bodies twitching on the ground. He turned and started to put away his sword when a loud buzzing caused him to stop.

Baligar slowly turned around and saw a wasp the size of a horse hovering behind him. He really couldn't say for certain, but he got a feeling the the giant bug was very angry at him. Before the bug could make a move, Baligar pointed his hand at the creature and called out the spell he had been taught during his training.

Gnitnghil!” he shouted.

Lightning lept from his finger tips and arced into the bug. An ear splitting screeched filled the air as the wasp threw back its head in pain. Baligar returned the favor and charged straight at the insect, going into a roll at the last moment. He dove under the wasp and came up into a crouching position extending his arms and felt his sword skittering across the hardened shell of the creature. He stood up and turned to face the wasp. He was shocked to find the wasp had already turned and was streaking through the air towards him. It began flying in a tight circle, almost like it was trying to start a tornado, bashing him several times before he got his sword up. He felt the sword bite into the creatures flesh this time.

The giant wasp stopped and let out another screech, this time causing several of the smaller wasps that were still circling overhead to descend and attack the hero. Again, the smaller versions proved to be no match for Baligar and his sword. Unfortunately, they distracted Baligar long enough for the giant wasp to begin another tornado attack, this one knocking him down to the ground.

Baligar pushed himself back to his feet as the wasp came to a stop in front of him. He knew that a frontal assault wouldn't work but he didn't think he could get around behind the creature before it started another tornado attack. He needed a way to get past the creature before it could react. As the wasp let out another screech, he started seeing words forming in his mind. Words that held power and then the meaning of those words came to him. The words were a new spell.

Baligar charged as a new wave of small wasps descended. He sliced through them and brought forth the mana he needed to power the spell.

Hsur Nissassa!

The world suddenly blurred all around him. But only for a second. When everything righted itself again, he was standing right behind the giant wasp. Without a second thought, Baligar brought his sword down across the creatures back, causing it to screech in pain again. As its head arched backwards, he reversed his swing and lopped off the head of the creature.

As the body fell to the ground, twitching and curling up like all dead insects do, Baligar looked up and saw the cloud of wasps overhead begin to break up and disperse. He wiped his blade of the bug ichor in the grass and sheathed it. That was when the villagers began walking down the path clapping their hands and shouting cheers. He started walking towards the group and was about to tell them to go home when he got a piercing headache.

Baligar.” It was the guildmaster. He had forgotten the other function of the tattoo he had received. It allowed the guildmaster to communicate with him. “Maze has some important information for you. Meet him by the tavern in Bowerstone.

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