14 September 2012

Update on me

Okay. I thought that I would post a quick update on my intentions since I have changed them (yet again). I know, I know, I need to stop doing this. And I believe that this is the reason I haven't finished 4 novels by now. I just have a little trouble staying focused. I keep thinking of new things and that is what I try to do. That is what I am hoping to accomplish with this blog. I want to keep a record of my progress and hopefully that will keep me focused. Anyways, on to the update.

I know I was suppose to be writing a fan fiction based off of my playing the game Fable and I haven't posted an episode since August. Well, I ran into a few snags with that. First off,  I got distracted from even playing the game for a few weeks. I downloaded a game engine, Engine 001, and I began messing around with it. It is pretty cool and I am going to start working on a RPG based in my world of Nuarth. I plan on posting the updates on its progress here. More on that later though. Second, the game started freezing up on me. The first time it froze up, I lost a lot of game time. I had played for over an hour since the last time I had saved it. I had my notes up to that point, but with the lost data I really couldn't write anything based off of that. I tried to play it again, but it froze on me again. I knew I might have to contend with that, but I had never had this big of an issue with it before.

So, I am going to stop trying to write the story now. I have been debating whether to start using another game for the story or just go with one of my own ideas. I have also decided to just drop the other blog. I figure that I should just work on getting this blog going on a regular basis first before I add another blog to worry about. I mean, one blog with just a few hits per post is better than multiple blogs with only a couple of hits per post per blog. At lease for my ego. I didn't just delete the only posting on that blog, I did re-post it here for posterity's sake.

So, this blog is going to be my one and only for now. All postings for games, reviews, stories, updates, news, and/or silliness I will post here. If you are interested in following my further attempts to become (in)famous, you can just follow me on Facebook or Google+ as I announce it there when I make a new post. Or, you can drop me an email and I will add you to the list of people that I notify through email. I will just need your email address. Until next time...

Write you later.

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