28 September 2012

Gibber Gabber

Welcome to a new addition to my wonderfully unappreciated blog.

You know, I was looking at my blog the other day and I realized something. I have made more posts this year than all the other years combined. In fact, with this post, I have made as many posts this month as the last three years together. I guess I am starting to get the hang of posting on a regular basis now. Maybe.

Anyways, on with the post...

This is just a quick post for those of you who are interested in what is going on in my life. I ran some errands today. Thought of some ideas and threw them all out as being too silly or just plain dumb. I mean, do you really think I could get a pink tutu on an elephant. I mean, come on, it would require a lot of material and thread...although, maybe if I could find someone willing to do a lot of sewing....nah, not feasible. I will have to rework my plans, maybe drop this step and move this one over here...Oh, you are still here. Um, yeah, where was I...

Actually, it has been  kind of a boring little week for me. Took my mom to the airport so she could go and help my sister out with her new addition to the family. Well, the one that is on the way anyways. It should be here soon. Hopefully. You know how nobody but the baby has a say as to when it is time. But it is suppose to be soon, I just don't remember exactly when. I am a man. Stuff like that isn't important...no that isn't right...then again, maybe it was told to me while I was watching TV. Anyways, I am looking forward to getting another...umm...niece or nephew...something else that must have been told to me while I was distracted...oh look, a butterfly...sorry, back to the topic.

My mom's in Oklahoma and I have had a boring week. I did find out that I am still able to look forward to going to training class to become a manager at Whataburger. I am just not completely certain if I will be returning to my current store or if I will be moved to a new one when it is completed. They transferred in a new manager last week after I had talked to the AM (area manager) about training. Then, earlier this week he talked to me again to let me know that I was still going to be trained but it would be up to my GM (general manager, also see store manager) which of the managers would be transferred out if any. He said they could run the store with five managers. Riiiight. We shall see. They also said that I would begin training either at the beginning of next quarter or the mid point of the quarter. Since the quarter starts in Oct (which is three days away) and nothing has been said to me yet, I think it is safe to assume it will be mid quarter (or Nov). Hopefully.

I am also still smashing my head against the wall in order to determine which of the many worlds running through my mind I am going to use for my writing/programming project. I have narrowed it down to two choices: Project Nuarth and Project Generation Demigod (though I am sure I have mentioned this before). They are both kinda similar but different in genre. Nuarth is pure fantasy and Gen Demi is fantasy/si fi/superhero/whatever else I feel like. I am working on my first game that I will allow everyone to see. It is going to be called 'The Rose Angel Princess VS the Troll Princess' (quiet Phil, no comments are allowed unless you want to be the troll princess...that goes for you too Eric). This game is more for my daughter than anyone else and it will be taking place in my world (which ever that turns out to be). It won't be a very long game, but hopefully it won't be bad. I am going to post it on the web page that I will eventually set up for myself so anyone who wants to can download it and give it a try.

And on a final note, I am working on a post to review a book that I just recently read. It was very good and I even read it in record time (for me anyways). So look for that to post within the next few days. Hopefully by Sunday.

Write at you later.

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