16 August 2012

New Blog and started game fiction

Well, I got the first post finished for my story. And just in time. I changed a few things from the way I said I was going to do them in my last post. I didn't do it as a journal entry. I did do a beginning paragraph that is commentary from the character. And I did take quite a few literary liberties. Instead of going straight how it happened in the game, I tried to spice up what happened. Like the way I got the first quest. In the game you go to the quest board and select it. Then as soon as you step outside a man runs up to you and asks you to follow him. I always thought that was a little weird. Then there are the casting of the spells. I am sure it is rather easy to see that I used the name of the spell backwards. I also made changes to the battle with the wasps. I actually beat them much quicker in the game. Though everything I did is in the story, I just added to it to make it a bit longer.

I also decided to start up a new blog for these stories. I was originally going to just post them here, but I thought with all my other posts (which I do plan on adding more) it would eventually get a little mixed up imo. (oooo, I used an abbreviation) So I will post a link to the new blog here:

and on the side. Hope you enjoy the post and please comment on it, good or bad, so that I can learn to be a better writer.

Write ya later.

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