28 May 2014

Anker Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse

 Well, another week has come and gone. And we are almost to the end of May. It is surprising how quickly time can go by sometimes. Though I have got a bit of news today...of the geeky kind. I got a new gaming mouse today. Well, it is new but it is also the first 'gaming' mouse I have owned. I purchased the Anker Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse.

The reason I got the mouse was I got a laptop for Christmas from my mom. It was one that Wal-mart had on sale during their Black Friday sale. Not a great computer but better than the one I was using before. The one sitting in my closet cause the monitor went out on it. I know what is wrong with it but I have found out that even experienced repairmen have difficulty fixing the problem so it is just sitting there feeling sorry for itself.

I didn't have a mouse (don't remember what happened to my previous mouse) but luckily for me my mom's computer got sick just before Christmas, so I used her wireless mouse. Now I had to have a mouse cause I don't like the touch pads on laptops. Not even sure why they still put them there. Everyone I know uses a regular mouse. It is much better, and have you ever tried to game with the touch pad? Yeah. Good luck with that. I actually turn my pad off. So I had to have a mouse. So, thanks mom, or should I thank your computer for getting sick.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago my mom decided that she was finally ready to get her computer fixed. We can thank my wife for that. My wife wanted her computer back. So with my mom's computer now fixed I gave her back her mouse and started using my wife's wireless mouse. Hehehe. She had a mini mouse for our youngest and she didn't mind using her touch pad so, it wasn't too big of a deal for her. But, being the supremely, awesome husband that I am (hopefully she isn't reading this), and considering that I was attempting to move back to computer gaming instead of console gaming, I decided to get me a new mouse. And this was the one I chose:

So far I like it, though to be fair I have had it for less than a day now. And I haven't really used it. I fiddled with the DPI (Dots Per Inch) settings (it has 7, from 500 to 5000). I have also tweaked the color scheme on the mouse. Although it is a little disappointing that you can only change the color of the anchor icon on the mouse which is covered by your hand when you are using it. I did try to download the manual so I could read up on it but for some reason I keep getting told that I can't open it because it wasn't translated properly. Not sure what that is about. I will have to try to contact the company to see what is up with that.

The mouse worked well straight out of the box. I just plugged it into my laptop and was able to start using it. I did download the drivers from their website (http://www.ianker.com/). So now I am able to program all 11 buttons on it. There are 5 different profiles I can set up also, and macros. So, I will have to see what is up with those.

It was listed at $35.99 but I was able to get it for $15.99 thanks to getting approved for Amazon's Amazon.com store card. I could have gotten it for free if I had applied (and gotten approved) for their Visa card (a $60 credit was offered), but they showed the other card offer first.

That is about all I am going to say as far as a review on it right now. Let me get some time with it and try programming some buttons and macros with it (and testing it out on a MMORPG or two) then I will give it a more detailed review.

Write ya later.

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I got a new gaming mouse today. Well, it is new but it is also the first 'gaming' mouse I have owned. I purchased the Anker Programmable ... angamingmouse.blogspot.com