12 June 2014

Vacation time

So, I have been on a forced vacation since Monday. (Okay, so it wasn't so much forced as not planned out. BOSS: You are going on vacation next week. ME: Okay, have a nice week.) I got in this situation because I spent a lot of time the last 360 days bouncing between stores. I would help out at a store for a few days to a few weeks. Then there were the transfers to other stores, which would mean that they were usually short handed so I wasn't able to take anytime off. I did finally take a few days off last month because I was planning to go to Comicpalooza in Houston, TX. But those plans kinda dried up so I just had a few days off. That still left me with 50 hrs of vacation time. So my boss tells me this past weekend that starting Monday I am on vacation.

I have actually taken this time to start work on my very first video game. Actually it is my third game. The first two are from high school programming classes, though the second didn't actually get finished and the first one didn't work properly. That is why I am considering this as my first game.

I am using RPG Maker VX Ace to help me create this game. Mostly because it has been waaay too long since I last did any programming. But also because I learned to program on an apple computer back in the eighties. (Damn, I think I just gave a hint as to my age there.) It is a pretty cool program. It is mostly just drag and drop. But you can learn the scripting language to change just about everything in the engine to make the game the way you want it. Plus, I can sell my games that I create with it without buying any expensive licenses.

The game will look like an older style game, the kind I used to play on the Nintendo. And unless I find a kind artist to do the graphics for me, I am needing to purchase the graphic and sound packs from their store. But I am planning on using this as a stepping stone. I am planning to work with this engine for a while and if things go well then probably move on to Unity. And if things go good with that engine, I might try to create my own engine. Maybe not. By that time I might not want to deal with it. Then again, I should be able to higher someone to do the programming for me by that point.

Anyways, the game I am working on is tentatively called Aegis Knights: Beginnings Chapter 1. It won't be a very long game, you will probably be able to finish it in one sitting (depending on how long you are willing to sit there and play). I expect it will take no longer than a couple of hours. There is going to be the main story line with a couple of side quests, one of which (while not necessary to complete the game) will hint at things to come later.

Then plan is to work on each chapter and learn more about what I can do with the engine each time. And then when I get Beginnings completed I will work on combining all the chapters together into one game and probably sell that version. We will see how things go. When I get it completed I will post it here and either start up a web site (though I am already thinking of starting one for the world information) or maybe just send it to those who are interested. Probably the website though.

Guess I will get back to work. Write ya later.

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