08 December 2014

Soccer Update

Hello everyone.

Just a quick update to say that I have some awesome news (well, I think it is just awesome and that is what really matters).

I have talked before about my eldest daughter playing soccer. Well, they just finished another fall season and went almost undefeated, losing only one game. This put them into the playoffs for the championship. This took place this past weekend.

On Saturday, they played three games. They won all three games, allowing only one goal. The scores were: 5 - 0, 2 - 0, and 3 - 1. Again, my daughter did an awesome job scoring a total of 4 goals. As a side not (and a proud daddy moment), in the third game Evencia got kicked just below the knee but above the shin guard. I thought she was going to be out of the game because she wasn't able to get up right away. But with an exceptional show to toughness, she lay on the ground for awhile and when she was able to stand, she chose to stay in the game. In fact, she went on to score a goal after that.(proud daddy moment over).

These victories got them into the championship game, which took place Sunday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see that game, I had to work. If I had known about it earlier I would have taken the time off. Anyways, they also won this game (6 - 0).

We also found out that because they made it to the championship game, they also made it into the district playoffs next weekend in Uvalde, TX. I mean, how awesome is that. 10 yrs old and already she is leading her team into championships (very proud daddy moment).

Okay, okay. It isn't only my daughter that got them there. Everyone on the team does an awesome job. We have an awesome goalie who doesn't allow hardly any shots past her that somehow get past the rest of the team. Awesome defenders one of which has a major power kick for a 10 yr old (not to mention she is quite tall for her age). The other defender is good enough with the ball to be an awesome forward on any other team. But then you have our trio of strikers that just wear down the opposing defense. They are fast and have great foot work all. Not too mention they are also the shortest ones on the team.

So that is the news I wanted to share. I will try to do another, more project based update later in the week. And also be on the look out for an update on the district playoff games next week.

Write ya later.

I thought I would mention that I now have a Twitter account, @kntwriter if any of you are interested in following me.

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