16 October 2013

My soccer girl

I am baaaaaack …

Or at least I am attempting to be back.

I know it has been a long time since I last made a post. I have had a few things happen and then just got out of writing posts. It is surprising how easy it is to just say no. Well, at least where my blog (and a few other things) is concerned. I am attempting to get back into my posting and I will explain what has transpired since my last post on my next post. For now I have something else that I am wanting to … rant, say, get off my chest … not sure which would be most appropriate here, but I am going to say my piece anyways.

This post is going to be about my oldest daughter and soccer, or more precisely, her soccer team.

My daughter, Evencia, is nine (9) years old and has been playing soccer for a few years now. And (I love saying this) she is GOOD! I know some people might say … “Yeah, all parents say that about their child.” To which I say … “Pbbbbbbbbbt!”

But seriously, she is good. Always has been, and hopefully always will be. She loves playing the game and we have always let her make up her own mind to play. I have even been told by other parents how good they think she is. So see nay-sayers, it is just me that thinks that.

She started when she was five in a micro-league ran by the city, so no scores where kept … officially (read … kept by the parents or me as several parents would ask me what the score was). There was a season missed b/c they said they weren't going to have a league due to budget cuts, then we found out that they did still do the season. And then she missed a year after she was too old for the micro-league while we searched for another organization that we like for her to join.

The spring season was not a great one. The team she got put on was made up of mostly girls that had never played before. One of the girls that had experience had actually played with Evie in the micro-league. This season they didn't do so well, winning only a couple of games. The league had a summer practice session which Evie attended, along with a couple of her teammates.

We are now in the Fall season and it is like night and day. Her team, which took the name Dynamo after the Houston Dynamo, has gone undefeated so far. They have played three games, they haven't scored less than five goals per game, and they have shut-out the other team. That's no goals scored against them! And Evie has been one of the top scorers each game! That is so … AWESOME! I couldn't be prouder of her.

Now, I just found out from my wife this morning that my daughter's soccer team was under investigation for cheating. That investigators had come out to last Saturday’s game to watch. And that there is a possibility that the league may make the girls start playing in the next age group. I am of two minds of this.

First, I don't think that it is fair that these girls are being treated like this. I mean, how do you assume that nine-year old girls are cheating? Most of them don't know enough of soccer rules to figure out how to cheat, I know my daughter doesn't. Do they believe that the coach is cheating? Then why would they consider moving the girls up to the next level? These were my first thoughts upon hearing this from my wife this morning.

I know that the complaint had to come from the team they played in the second game. After all, my girls did beat them 9-0. I mean, who wouldn't accuse the other team of cheating after a beating like that? Oh wait, I wouldn't (but then I believe that you need to take responsibility of your actions, not blame others for your failings). These girls worked hard to get where they are. I mean, several on my daughter's team went to practice during the summer. And they were practicing with the older girls b/c not enough of her age group showed up for the sessions (another proud dad moment … my daughter held her own against the older girls in the practice games during the summer).

Our coach is also a certified coach. He coached his own girls all the way through the 19 yr age group. He has five championships to his credit. He is actually teaching and training the girls. You can see it on the field when the other team starts to tire and our girls are still pushing hard. So I don't think it would be fair to penalize the girls by either moving them to the next age group or taking away their couch for doing what he is suppose to do.

All that being said, here is my second mind on the subject. It might actually benefit the girls to be moved up to the next age group.

As I have already said numerous times, these girls are good. They are better coached and trained. The coach doesn't allow sugary snacks or drinks during the games or practice. He recommends that the girls not to eat junk food before the games. They haven't lost a game yet and haven't allowed the other team to score. My concern is that they will get overconfident if they keep winning like this. They are only kids after all.

Moving them up would give them new challenges to overcome. They most likely wouldn't win as much or at least win like they are now. The older girls would be more experienced and know more about the game, but I think our coach would be able to help with that. And I do believe that they would still do good (some of them did practice with older girls during the summer) and would be pushed to improve even more.

All in all, I am conflicted with this. But no matter what happens, I am going to always be there to support my daughter and help her to be the best she can be. Whether she likes it or not.

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